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She was born as the result of her mother’s affair with a married man who went back to his wife.After seeing how her mother was betrayed by a man, Cha-hee has resolved to keep her heart to herself.

He is infuriatingly selfish, and enjoys teasing her even while borrowing money from her to take his girlfriends out on dates – but she is reluctantly drawn to him anyway.

From the first episode, I was hooked on its engaging characters and somewhat whimsical storyline as well as its emphasis on ordinary, relatable people and their families.

Its leading actress, Rim Chae, was already familiar to me as the ‘good girl’ lead in All About Eve, and in We Are Dating Now she is even more endearing -- like a Korean Sandra Dee. Unlike other dramas I’ve watched, We Are Dating Now has a very simple plotline.

After the Jae-young debacle (which disappoints Su-ji also, because she was able to vicariously love him too through her friend’s involvement with him), Ho-jung falls for another young man whose feelings for her are suspect.

He is a struggling student, working several jobs to pay for his tuition.