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Amidst a decentralization program giving municipalities more responsibilities in WSS, weak participation of citizens in planning and providing input on WSS remains a challenge.

Public service providers also lack transparency and accountability, resulting in customers’ distrust, low levels of satisfaction with services received, weak willingness to pay which translates in lower revenues to pay for improvements.

Photo credit/UN Women “This law will help to regulate family relations and most importantly, it concretely defines the measures to prevent domestic violence,” says Nasrullo Makhmudov, a Member of Parliament who is one of the authors of the new bill.

Today Humo has a house where she lives with her daughter while two of her sons are migrant workers in Russia.[i] For Humo, who was 38 when she divorced her husband and left with her three children, it was hard to find work with her secondary-level education.She was married as soon as she completed school and was then bound by housework and caring for her small children.“I want girls and women to know their rights and raise their voice if they are violated in order to be protected,” says Humo.“I hope that the new law will guarantee protection for women and their rights and STOP men from treating their wives so badly.