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Need to update my old Dell Inspiron 530 Inspiron 530 デスクトップパソコン(PC)│ - aucun signe de vie, pas d'affichage, pas de bips, pas de boot, juste le ventilateur cpu qui tourne (vitesse normale, ...

You’ll be able to configure it with any recent graphics cards, including the GTX Titan or 980, which can output to all of the monitors that you can hook up to the card.

Not only is it an IGZO IPS screen with excellent viewing angles, it’s also full gamut, covering 100% of the s RGB spectrum.

Until you get used to the keyboard, you’ll probably hit that switcher key in place of the Esc a lot.

Alienware has had a warm place in my heart though, especially since I was a longtime owner of the m11x.

So there is certainly potential to get even cooler temperatures that I witnessed above. Again, the max was 355, not 400, but it’s still plenty bright enough.