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You’re one of those comics where you can actual see those wheels turning while you are on stage reading that audience. On the children’s side of that line, though, I want to touch quickly on the film was helping an autistic boy learn to talk? After we read that article we got in touch with him. I thought: “Well, there I am on the Oscars.” Better there than the death montage.

From your perspective, how do you shift directions from one extreme to the other when it comes to these different audiences? Sometimes I’ll get an audience that’s tougher to get going. One day the father came into the room and he saw that his son had a puppet of my character Iago the parrot.

In my head I’m asking myself if I should go faster or if I should go slower but that never really works. So, he put it on his own hand and he started speaking in my voice, imitating me. I’ve also heard stories where people tell me they’ve had loved one’s who died but they had a fond memory of how they’d listen to me to cheer them up. I find it interesting it was somebody with such a unique voice that was used to teach a kid how to speak.

Hopefully something will happen and I’ll win them over. There was an article in the New York Times about a man who had this autistic son and the son was sinking deeper and deeper into his autistic state. His son responded like it was an old friend of his and they started talking. It’d be like, say, Bobcat Goldthwait teaching an English course! I got onto the Oscars for about two seconds when they showed a really quick clip from the movie.

Years ago people would watch Charlie Chaplin like he was this mystical person. It was in the middle of a snow storm and cold spell that even Canadian thought was a snow storm and cold spell. Then, on the last night, I had given up trying to be funny and just started saying whatever came into my head. Instead of being up there for 20 minutes I was there for an hour and a half. That time when I got off the owner said I had did a little short that time.

They’d make them Gods, these old movie and TV stars. You know, Canadians generally walk around in shorts in sub-zero weather. Then I got off and went back on again because there was no MC. Seeing veteran comics own a crowd it is hard thinking of them as bombing.