Matlab validating inputs with input parser

Here’s a sample function and example of validation failure: @Nate, I let the developers know your suggestion.

I’m not sure what’s a better workaround, using a TRY/CATCH block and throwing your own ERROR, or just doing the validation yourself with an IF to throw a custom message.

In the follow example I add one required, one optional, and one param-value pair parameter.

For each input you have to specify a validation function.

I am also happy about comments about the usage of this Parser in total.(I had asked this question on before, but I feel like this is the better place to ask.) treats each parameter separately is that it makes for a simple and clean interface.

If you were to allow validators that take multiple parameters how would you do it? Let's say we have required parameters A and B, and also a name-value pair 'C': Let's also say that A and C must have the same size. How would you specify a single validator function for A and C?

But if you have complicated validation logic, you have to code that yourself.

Have you ever wondered how MATLAB functions make sense of variable function arguments?

Use with a function Of course, the purpose of this is easy input validation and organization within a function.

But what if you had more complicated validation involving multiple overlapping subsets of parameters?

What if A and B must have the same number of columns, and A and C must have the same number of rows?

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