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The latest Unity release (5.6) can build Android applications with support from the ARM Mali Graphics Debugger to allow developers to optimize their mobile games.

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Roberto Lopez Mendez - ARM Track: In order for virtual reality to become ubiquitous, it must deliver on the promise of simulating physical presence in real or imagined worlds on a mobile VR platform.

Learn how Oscar-nominated VR projects can drive advertising without selling out.

Rori Du Boff - Accenture Interactive Maria Essig - Google Devi Kolli - Ai Solve Limited Dario Raciti - OMD Nanea Reeves - TRIPP Julie Shumaker - Unity Technologies Track: Cast AR, Avegant, and Bent Image Labs all have different approaches to powering the AR ecosystem.

Sol Rogers - REWIND Track: The Daydream team at Google strives to help VR and AR developers work more efficiently, while making the apps they create more performant.

In this session, weêll introduce new developer tools to reduce iteration time, share samples and plugins that make it easier to build VR apps, fast, and demo new rendering solutions to get the most out of Daydream-ready devices.