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” Then (and there’s no way he actually crafted this perfectly polished turn of promo phrase), “A little bit of fiction can lead to a whole lot of reality.” For the uninitiated, hope always becomes love and love is always in for a shock on Catfish, the series based on the social phenomena chronicled in the 2010 documentary of the same name.

There would be no show if there weren’t deep feelings and deeper lies.

There are two things that Catfish co-creator Nev Schulman says in the introduction to the season-two premiere that, despite being cheesy, sum up why the MTV “docu-drama” is so addictive.

First he asks, “Will hope become love, or is love in for a giant shock?

But Catfish is one of the realest shows we have, for a certain group of Internet users.

— you might as well do it with movie titles, as demonstrated by this video.One step backwards for female friendships, one step forwards for Catfish ratings.Supports Git Hub Flavored Markdown, La Tex in-editor preview, with the most handy image uploading interfaces.Nobody comes out of not being catfished — a term coined by the show to mean deceived intentionally in an Internet romance — which is precisely where the reality comes in.Scandal, Nashville, really most prime-time soaps — they’re as much about character development as they are about juicy plot twists, but most viewers don’t navigate in the real-life equivalents of these worlds in any way.