Dating game with real girls

Throughout my (admittedly short) dating career, I've tried out my fair share of dating games. And, I'm not going to lie, I'm not going to say they never worked for me.I've tried being the cool, chill girl who's down for whatever, the girl who's kind of a bitch, the guarded girl with all of the walls, the girl who puts herself out there right off the bat, the girl who waits forever to have sex, the girl who puts out right away, the girl who is totally indifferent, the girl who is overly aggressive, the girl who lets you make all the moves, the girl who hot and colds you, the girl who only texts and never calls, the girl who only calls and never texts, the girl who's always seeing someone else, the girl who's only seeing you... Honestly, playing some serious dating games can help you get the guy more often than not.

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Like John Travolta’s character Danny Zuko in Grease, the men of today (and yesteryear) all labour through the trials of dating under the misguided notion that “playing it cool” gets the girl. Well, if the dating game today is anything to go by, then apparently we do.If I responded to more of his texts, would he have kept talking to me?If I would have been nicer to him, would he have been nicer to me?He has contributed to Vanity Fair, Playbill, Details, Out Magazine, Time Out New York, and has appeared on Biography Channel, East Village Radio and in Wallpaper magazine.Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @benjaminsolomon.