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...below are a few rules to follow when chatting on the Internet Chat comes with very innovative and exciting features.

I didn’t say a word about what had just transpired. First there were AOL chat rooms, then message boards, then Reddit groups — places where tribes could find fellow members and communicate. Today, we mark our growing tribal territories by who we follow, or who follows us.

Honestly, I can’t begrudge them this, even if their sole purpose is to be hateful and exclusionary.

A white female colleague who’s part of what she calls a “women who are sick of old white men and their shit” group, told me that they’ve lately turned to trashing Ivanka Trump.

Our harshest judgments are levied, in private, against our own.

Our safe spaces are slowly being infringed upon for the sake of profit. As an adult, I have a similar support group — except mine is in my pocket everywhere I go.

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